Prussia 1857-58 Definitives - King Friedrich Wilhelm IV (type 2)

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  • Issue dates: 1 April 1857-1861
  • Designed by: H.G. Schilling
  • Printed by: State Printing Berlin
  • Print process: Typo
  • Perforations: Imperforated
  • Michel Catalogue Numbers : 6-12

Colour shades.


Issued in 1857 (smooth background)[edit]

1Sgr DC Mi6
1 Sgr 4 rings 568 at Hagen, Westphalia Mi6a.
1 Sgr 4 rings 573 at HALLE, (Saxony-Anhalt
1Sgr frame R2 at GLEIWITZ, Poland Mi6a
1 Sgr strip of 4, 953 at Minden carmine-rose Mi6b. Sold 1,300 DM in 1983.
2Sgr frame R2 Mi7
2Sgr blue, Berlin-Leipzig railway, Mi7b
3Sgr frame R2 at POSEN in Poland, Mi8


2 Sgr DC Mi7c & 4 Pfg Mi5a. Sold 860 DM in 1983 by Grobe.
2 Sgr Stationery cut + Mi7a & 1 Sgr Mi6b. Rings. Sold 680 DM in 1983 by Grobe.
Prussia issues 1856-1857. Circles. Mi8a&7b&5a. Sold 1,050 DM in 1983.

Issued on 15 September 1858 (hatched background)[edit]

4pf frame cancel Mi9
4pf frame cancel at FREIENWALDE in Poland Mi9a

1 Silbergroschen[edit]

1Sgr rose, circle at AACHEN Mi10a
1Sgr, DC at XANTEN
1Sgr carmine, frame R2 cancel sub-issue 1860 Mi10b
1Sgr frame R2 cancel Mi10b
Strip of 4 at 579 Hamm Mi10a

2 Silbergroschen[edit]

2Sgr frame cancel Mi11
2Sgr frame cancel Mi11a
2Sgr pair frame at POLN:CRONE, Poland
File:Prussia 1860 2Sgr deep blue a.jpg
2Sgr sub-issue 1860 deep blue Mi11b
2Sgr blackish-blue rare,897 (LÜGDE) Mi11c

3 Silbergroschen[edit]

3Sgr circle at KÖNIGSBERG in Russia Mi12
3Sgr DC in COELN Mi12
3Sgr DC in BRESLAU, Poland Mi12a
Pair with DC at HAMBURG BAHNHOF Mi12a


3 Sgr & 1 Sgr cancelled at DANZIG in 1861, Mi8a & 10a
3 Sgr on a 3 Sgr stationery (1861), frame at ERFURT. Sold 1,100 SF in 1998.