Russia 2013 Coat of Arms of Penza

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  • Issue date: 2nd August 2013
  • one value in a miniature sheet
  • Design: A Moskovets
  • Printed by: Goznak
  • Perforations: 11.9 x 12.2
  • stamp format height 32½ x width 64½mm
  • sheetlet format height height 60mm x width 91mm

Coat of Arms of Penza[edit]

Miniature sheet 50r ~ original coat of arms of Penza (three sheaves, of wheat, of barley and of millet, tied by string)
Border: coat of arms of 1964 (simplified sheaves tied by red ribbons), and map of Russia locating Penza Penza recently returned to use of the 1781 coat of arms, approved by Catherine II on May 28 (8 June) 1781

Miniature sheet 50r