Russian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire 1879

From Stamps of the World


  • Issue Dates: 5 June 1879-1890
  • Printed by: State Printing Works, St Petersburg
  • Print Process: Typography on laid paper
  • Perforations: 14²x15
  • Watermark: none
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 12-18 & 9b - Yvert 19-25A

The text means Eastern Correspondance. Currency in Kopek.


1879 issue

Laid paper H or V.

1 K black and yellow, used Mi12x.
2 K black and rose, used Mi13x.
7 K carmine and green

New colours in 1884

Horizontally laid paper only.

1 K orange, used Mi15.
2 K Russian green, used Mi16.
5 K lilac
7 K blue, used Mi18.

1890 issue

10 K pale red on green mesh, used Mi9b.
10 K used in 1896 Mi9b.