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Sluis is a small city in West Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen in the Netherlands with historic importance. In the Middle Ages it was a crucial harbour for the 100-years' war. Now the city is no longer connected to the North sea by silting up.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Cards and Covers[edit]

Letter from Sluis in the Netherlands to Paris in France, February 1869. Routed via Erquelinnes (railway station on the border between Belgium and France). Postage stamp from 1867-1868, catalogued NVPH-10, depicting King Willem III.
Registered letter from Sluis to Terneuzen (1981). The R-label from the neighboring village Cadzand was used for registration where name of the village was changed with a handstamp

Machine cancels[edit]

Sluis, 1979
Sluis, 1985
Sluis, 1990
Sluis, 1996