Stuttgart (DE)

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Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. The sixth-largest city in Germany, Stuttgart has a population of 587,655 (June 2014) while the greater Stuttgart Metropolitan Region has a population of 5.3 million (2008), being the fourth-biggest in Germany after the Rhine-Ruhr area, Berlin/Brandenburg and Frankfurt/Rhine-Main. The city lies at the centre of a densely populated area, surrounded by a ring of smaller towns.

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Postmarks in Germany[edit]

Stuttgart (DE) 28 Aug 1984.jpg

Cards and Covers[edit]

Stampset.png 1984 Stuttgart to Germantown, Philadelphia, USA

Postmarks in Allied Occupation[edit]

Stuttgart (DE) ao.jpg


Stuttgart (DE) aocv.jpg

Postmarks in the Empire of Germany[edit]

After 1 January 1903.

Germania series in 1912
Germania series in 1916
Germania with overprint, 1919, circle little format
Stuttgart (DE) DR b.jpg

Stuttgart sub-offices[edit]

Circle STUTTGART Nr 1 in 1920 on a Kingdom Official stamp.

Stuttgart Station[edit]

In 1919 Green marker.png

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Württemberg[edit]

The earliest postmarks are VON STUTTGART (1786), VON STUTTGARD (1790), v. STUTTGARDT (1802).

Black DC on first issue in 1855
Blue 3-circle,10 points Grobe
Black 3-circle on first issue
Typical fan (Fächer) postmark on the 1873 issue.
STUTTGART II Fächer blue postmark on the 1875 issue

Cards and Covers[edit]

STUTTGART No 7 on Postal card of 1897
1899 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria to Stuttgart
Internal Post Office letter "Stuttgart 1" to "Stuttgart 3" from 14-01-1901