Sweden 2013 Insects

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  • Issue Date : 10 January 2013
  • four values
  • Designed by : Beata Boucht & Engraving by Lars Sjööblom
  • Printed by : Sweden Post Stamps Security Printing Works
  • Print process : Recess
  • Perforations : die-cut perf 11½ x 11½
  • Stamp size : height 26.15mm x width 30.7mm
  • Paper :
  • Gum : Self adhesive

Stamps were printed in vertical coils with the designs affixed in serquence and the surplus paper around the stamps removed

Provincial Insects of Sweden[edit]

12kr ~ pink-winged grasshopper, Bryoderma tuberculata (Provincial insect of Öland)
12kr ~ harlequin bug, Lygaeus equestris (Provincial insect of Gotland), shown on a globe thistle
12kr ~ cockchafer, Melolontha melolontha (Provincial insect of Halland)
12kr ~ Baltic hawker, Aeshna serrata (Provincial insect of Närke)

stamps from mint coil strip[edit]

Sweden 2013 Insects d.jpg
Sweden 2013 Insects c.jpg
Sweden 2013 Insects a.jpg
Sweden 2013 Insects b.jpg

First Day Cover[edit]

First Day Cover
  • A set of four maximum cards was also released