Syria 1931 Airmail Pictorials

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Air Post Stamps[edit]

Original Issue[edit]

50c ocher
Plane over Homs
50c black brown
Plane over Homs
Issued: 1933
1p chestnut brown
Plane over City Walls, Damascus
2p Prussian blue
Plane over Euphrates river
3p blue green
Plane over Temple ruins, Palmyra
5p red violet
Plane over Deir-el-Zor
10p slate green
Plane over Damascus
15p orange red
Plane over Citadel of Aleppo
25p orange brown
Plane over Hama
50p black
Plane over Al-Zabadani
100p magenta
Plane over Talbiseh

Overprinted in Red or Black[edit]

Issued for Damascus Fair, May 1936

  • Issue Date: 15 April 1936
  • Overprint: in French and Arabic, 1936; FOIRE DE DAMAS
50c black brown (red)
1p chestnut brown (black)
2p Prussian blue (red)
3p blue green (red)
5p red violet (black)

Overprinted in Blue[edit]

Issued for 1st congress of Arab lawyers, Damascus, September 1944

  • Issue date: 1944
  • Overprint: image of scales and Arabic writing
15p orange red
25p orange brown
100p magenta

Overprinted in Black[edit]

Issued for 1000th anniversary of the Arab poet and philosopher, Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri

  • Issue date: 1944
15p orange red
25p orange brown

Military Air Post Stamps[edit]

Free French Administration
Overprinted in black, carmine or orange

  • Issue date: 1942
  • Overprint: triple bars, LIGNES; AERIENNES; F.A.F.L., value, two Lorriane crosses.
4fr on 50p black (carmine)
6.50fr on 50p black (carmine)
8fr on 50p black (orange)
10fr on 100p magenta (black)