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The city of Terneuzen is located on the southern shore of the Western Scheldt estuary. It can be reached from the rest of the Netherlands via the Western Scheldt Tunnel, which opened in March 2003. Terneuzen is not linked to the rest of the Netherlands by rail - although the Dow Chemical plant is served by a freight only line to Gent/Ghent in Belgium (Terneuzen's passenger rail service was withdrawn in 1951).

First mentioned in 1325, Terneuzen was a strategically located port on the waterways to Ghent, in present-day Belgium. Nowadays the Ghent–Terneuzen Canal is still an important shipping route. The port of Terneuzen is the third largest in the Netherlands, after those of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The largest plant of Dow Chemical Company outside of the United States is located at Terneuzen, on the west side of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal.

Tradition has it that Terneuzen was once the home of the legendary Flying Dutchman, Van der Decken, a captain who cursed God and was condemned to sail the seas forever, as described in the Frederick Marryat novel The Phantom Ship and the Richard Wagner opera The Flying Dutchman.

It received city rights in 1584. The city has used several names in the postmarks: Terneuzen, Neuzen, Ter Neuzen, Terneuzen.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Postmark with City name TERNEUZEN[edit]

Service letter TERNEUZEN 26-XI-1946, no postage stamp needed
Terneuzen-1, 2-1-1986
Terneuzen-3, 22-4-1978
Terneuzen-4, 18.XI.1977
Postmark , as used by the "Filatelieloket" (=philatelic counter in the post office). The illustration in the cancel shows the Terneuzen Town Hall.
Terneuzen 16-XII-2001

Postmark with City name NEUZEN[edit]

Postmark Terneuzen, 7-Apr-1906, also called NEUZEN in some periods
Postmark Terneuzen, 1-9-1908, also called NEUZEN in some periods

Postmark with City name TER NEUZEN[edit]

Postmark TER NEUZEN, 2 Jan 1894. See also StampSet at Stampset.png

Slogan Postmarks[edit]

TERNEUZEN, slogan postmark 1984, "Prettige feestdagen" (Happy holidays)
TERNEUZEN, slogan postmark 2002, "Postcode, gewoon even doen" (Postal Code, Just do it!)
TERNEUZEN, slogan postmark 1982, "For free Customer Service on mail call 0017"

Terneuzen Sub Offices[edit]

TERNEUZEN-Nieuwstraat-2, 25-VII-80, 17hrs. Postage Stamp from StampSet 1969-1972: Stampset.png
TERNEUZEN-Markt-2, 16-VII-85, 18hrs.
TERNEUZEN-Alvarezlaan-3, April 6, 2006, 18hrs.
TERNEUZEN-Alvarezlaan-2, April 16, 2008
Cancel from Business Point TERNEUZEN-Hugersluis, December 18, 2009.

Terneuzen Business Points / Service Points PostNL[edit]

TERNEUZEN-1, Gift Shop, Havenstraat 1
TERNEUZEN-2, Jumbo Supermarket, Lorentzlaan 2
TERNEUZEN-3, Gamma Shop, Kennedylaan 98
TERNEUZEN-4, Zeeuwkleur Shop, Haarmanweg 1

Terneuzen Machine/Meter Cancels[edit]