Turkey 2012 Regional Food Dishes

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  • Issue date: 16th August 2012
  • four values in a miniature sheet
  • Printed by: PTT Printing House
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format octagonal, max height 38mm x max width 44mm
  • miniature sheet format height 100mm x width 118mm
  • Perforations: 14.75

Turkish Regional Food Dishes. Miniature sheet with surcharge[edit]

Miniature sheet[edit]

50 + 10k ~ stuffed collared greens (greens filled with rice or cracked wheat)
1TL + 10k ~ mihlama (corn porridge made with butter and minci (salty crumbly cheese)
1TL + 10k ~ sautéed pickles (pickled green beans sautéed with onion and butter
2TL + 10k ~ fried anchovies

Miniature sheet

Miniature sheet First Day Cover[edit]

First Day Cover