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Semi-Postals - choice[edit]

Hello Ian

You made a description of Semi-Postals that refers to a donation choice. In Belgium, the extra was always to be paid to the post office when buying the stamps (I refer to the stamps described as Au profit de ...). In extensive use during the war, we have even 1 + 30 F in 1943! Can you elaborate on this choice? Perhaps that there are no Semi-Postals in Belgium.

Jverlaeken (talk) 08:02, 6 July 2018 (CDT)

Hi Jv The choice was that they were not compelled to be used. They were bought through an option to do so or not by the customer at the post office. Normal rated stamps were available at the time so could be purchased, by those that did not want to donate their money to a cause. War Tax stamps (=Postal Tax Stamps which are NOT a Semi-Postal stamp.) issued by some countries like the british colonies etc were for a certain period of compulsory usage. All semi postals are paid in full face value at point of purchase, the PO would then through accounting pass the raised money on to the cause it was raising money for. Belgium has had many semi-postal issues that I know of and continues to issue them. However as I said the non-war tax stamps are a choice of the customer to purchase or not purchase as regular stamps are available. --Ian G (talk) 08:56, 6 July 2018 (CDT)

Thanks, understood!

Jverlaeken (talk) 09:31, 6 July 2018 (CDT)