Vatican City 1958 Sede Vacante

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  • Issue date: 21st October 1958
  • three values
  • Designed by: Andreina Grassellini
  • Printed by: IPZS, Rome
  • Print process: photogravure
  • Watermark: crossed keys
  • Perforations: 14 x 14
  • stamp format height 25mm x width 41mm (approximate)
  • Print quantity: 700,000 sets (more of two denominations)

SEDE VACANTE. Umbraculum over Crossed Keys of St Peter[edit]

The Umbraculum, a canopy with red and gold strips, is the symbol of the authority of the Apostolic Camera over the Vatican during the interregnum (period between Popes)

  • Notes. These stamps valid for postal use only between date of issue (21 Oct) and election of new Pope John XXIII on 28th October 1958

15Lire ~ sepia on yellow
25Lire ~ sepia
60Lire ~ sepia on pale violet

Sheet stamps[edit]