Vatican City 2005 20th aniversary of Ratification of Italy - Vatican Concordat

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  • Issue date: 9th June 2005
  • two values
  • Designed by: Gaetano Ieluzzo (45c), or from 16th century fresco by Ignazio Dante (€2.80)
  • Printed by: ITVF, Boulazac, France, in sheets of 10
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format height 30mm x width 40mm
  • Perforations: 13 x 13

Vatican City 9 June 2005, 20th anniv of Ratification of the revisions to the Lateran Treaties[edit]

  • Notes. Italy also issued a pair of stamps to note the anniversary, also on 9th June 2005 of the agreement between Italy and the Vatican, agreed in 1984 and signed / ratified in 1985
  • The Lateran Treaties of 1929 created the Vatican State...the 1985 revisions altered some provisions, including the removal of Catholocism as the sole State Religion of the Italian Republic, revising or ending some religious taxes in support of the Church in Italy, and altering the status of civil marriages

0.45€ ~ coats of arms of the Vatican State and the Italian Republic, gold nibbed pen over document
2.80€ ~ coats of arms, and map of Italian peninsula from a fresco on paperboard by the cosmographer Ignazio Danti (late 16th century), held in the Vatican Museum's Gallery of Maps

Sheet stamps[edit]