Vilvoorde (BE)

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Vilvoorde (pronunciation: [ˈvɪlvoːrdə], French: Vilvorde) is a Belgian municipality (44,015 inhabitants end 2017) in the province of Flemish Brabant. The municipality comprises the city of Vilvoorde proper with its two outlying quarters of Koningslo and Houtem and the small town of Peutie.

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Postal history before 1910[edit]

The VILVORDE post office opened before 1830. It used a postal code 125 with bars (before 1864), and 378 with points before 1870.

Postmarks after 1950[edit]

Postal code: 1800 since 1969.

Slogan cancel Vilvoorde 1994, postal code 1800
International Reply Coupon from Vilvoorde 1 - R, postal code 1800, Cancel of 2003.

Baudouin period[edit]

Stampset.png - Railway Postmark in 1961
DC Vilvoorde 1 in 1980
DC VILVOORDE 1 1800 in 1985
Vilvoorde 1 - 1800 in 1986

Postmarks before 1950[edit]

Leopold III period[edit]

Albert I period[edit]

Bilingual in 1922
Bilingual in 1927

Leopold II period[edit]