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Zeist is a municipality and a town in the central Netherlands, located east of the city of Utrecht. In the 19th century, Zeist became a favorite residence for the rich, mainly from the city of Utrecht. Zeist is the location of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and also known for the forests surrounding the town.

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Cancel from Zeist Business Point Dijnselburgerlaan, December 2009.
ZEIST Postcard with roller cancel with pigeon, very rare, 1934. Interesting to compare this one with the roller cancel of Amsterdam, same design but differently practiced!
ZEIST At the issue of the new postage stamp on the World Wildlive Fund (in Dutch: Wereld Natuur Fonds), 18 sept 1984, there was an exhibition in Slot Zeist. In Zeist the Netherlands office of WWF is located.

Machine cancels[edit]

Meter cancel from World Nature Fund (WNF), (World Wildlife Fund / WWF). Zeist 19-4-2002.
Meter cancel Zeist, 1988
Meter cancel Zeist, 1980
Meter cancel Zeist, 2007